February 23, 2021

Project Linus Quilt

I started a new Project Linus quilt a few days ago with this series of wild and wacky kids embroidery designs. This is planned as a quilt as you go project since several folks have asked me to show them how I have done that in the past. So in the pictures below I show my quilt squares, batting and backing pieces. I have the cat as an example of how the individual squares go together with the batting. The cat is placed with the backing cut to exactly the same size and placed behind the cat and then the backing is cut a little larger, about a quarter inch on all sides. When I did this type of quilt for the first time I just did simple lines down the seams where the border joins the block. That way when I did the back of the quilt I had plenty of room to make my seams. I tried to shoot the process as a video but have not figured out how to make the video without the camera swinging around. So if you have any questions so far just let me know. Please scroll down to see additional steps.

Project Linus Part 2

Joining quilt blocks

Now we are ready to start joining the quilt blocks together. Take two quilt blocks and put them together with the top sides facing each other. Then peel back the backing and batting so that you only have the top sides edges running together. You may want to pin or iron the backing and batting from both squares away from where you will be sewing the seam. After you sew the seam take the batting and fold onto the seam, if you need to trim some to make it lie flat that is normal. Then fold the backing onto the batting, one backing should lie flat in the seam. Check out the pictures to the left to help you get the idea of what I am doing.  Please scroll down to see the finished project.

Project Linus finished

The quilt is finished. Check out the decorative stitches that I used to quilt the blocks together before they were joined into the complete quilt. This is hanging in the Joann's store in Frisco if you want to come and check it out. If you have any questions please email.

Laura Pope

Artist and Sewing Enthusiast

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